Breaking Down the Barriers Between Treasury and Commodity Procurement

Many corporates have considerable exposure to commodity and currency risk through their supply chain. But in today’s highly volatile markets, companies can no longer effectively manage these two risks across separate treasury and procurement functions. Treasurers in industries ranging from manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, to airlines, now need visibility to currency and commodity price risks across their business. Procurement divisions must have sophisticated, agile management of their physical commodity exposure and input prices as well as the currency risk associated with those commodity exposures.

With OpenLink, now you can have a consolidated view of your commodity and currency risk exposure across the enterprise on a single platform. You can make rapid smart decisions in response to market fluctuations, and have visibility of your financial commodity hedging. You are empowered with the insight to reduce operational risk, to manage the volatility from input price changes and currency movements, and to improve your company’s cash flow and profitability.

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