Treasury and Risk Management Solution

How Can a Treasury Management System Help Your Business?

Many corporates have considerable exposure to currency volatility and commodity price risk throughout their supply chain. For these firms, it is a major challenge to optimize hedging activities when key information is dispersed across multiple systems and channeled through operational silos. In today’s markets, companies can derive significant benefit from managing their risks on a single platform across the enterprise.

OpenLink provides this critical consolidated view of enterprise-wide commodity and currency risk exposure on a single platform. Organizations can make rapid, smart decisions in response to market fluctuations, with the visibility necessary to perform effective financial commodity hedging. Leaders are empowered with the insight required to reduce operational risk, manage input price and currency volatility, and improve company cash flow and profitability.

<p>Best Treasury Analytics Solution</p>

Best Treasury Analytics Solution

TMI awards OpenLink for helping treasurers manage visible and invisible embedded risks.

<p>Growing Global Risks for Treasurers</p>

Growing Global Risks for Treasurers

Strategic Treasurer video analyzes the growing risks and best technology practices to help mitigate.

<p>Running Corporate Treasury</p>

Running Corporate Treasury

New Strategic Treasurer e-Book on the new risks for treasury intensive organizations today.

<p>Etihad Airways </p>

Etihad Airways 

The airline will use OpenLink to consolidate its fuel risk management and Treasury business onto a single, strategic platform.

<p>Rethinking Treasury</p>

Rethinking Treasury

New white paper by OpenLink and Baringa makes the case for integrating Treasury and commodity risk management.

<p>Energy Trading and Treasury</p>

Energy Trading and Treasury

New paper on the benefits of bridging treasury with trading at firms that produce, buy or trade energy products.