Supply management software to manage the complexity of physical logistics

  • The Challenge

    Commodity companies typically face challenges when dealing with the complexity of the physical logistics associated with their commodity products. Supply management software helps manage the physical logistics for any commodity, whether it travels by wire, pipeline, tanker, barge, rail or truck, and is critical to the profitability of a company’s transaction lifecycle. In order to optimize operations, companies seek to have front- to back-office workflow, from physical and financial deal capture through to risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting, in their physical commodity logistics and scheduling tools.

    The Opportunity

    The opportunity for improved profits lies within the operations of the business itself – within the chance to create a single resource including all relevant data, by breaking down silos within the organization, and through applying and sharing deep expertise up and down the enterprise.

  • The Openlink Solution

    Openlink provides comprehensive commodities management solutions, supporting front- to back-office workflow, from physical and financial deal capture to risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting. With straight-through processing of trading, logistics and supply transaction information on a single, unified platform, you get an aggregated, real-time volumetric and financial view of positions and risk.

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    • Handling bulk commodity logistics


      Refining and petrochemical industries, integrated energy firms, power generators, agricultural commodity traders, crude producers, NGL/LNG shippers and traders can benefit from an integrated solution for energy and commodity logistics.


      Openlink’s solution for bulk commodity logistics is designed to support multiple commodities, grades, and transportation types, while managing nominations and nomination groupings (such as product commitments, transportation schedules, and inventory movements). The solution organizes dates (such as nomination dates, changes, and delivery dates), and supports event-based pricing and payment. Additionally, it can record deliveries, record actual quantity / quality and price adjustments, and record ticket pricing / valuation.

    • Bridge power scheduling and trading


      The convergence of the physical and the financial sides in power markets is continually changing the traditional roles of traders and schedulers, as well as the systems required to handle these market dynamics.


      Openlink provides an integrated logistics system for electricity markets, allowing traders, risk managers, back office users and schedulers to use and share one unique set of transactional data across the entire organization. Operational risks arising from the intricacies of managing physical obligations in power markets with different scheduling requirements and rules are kept at a minimum. Schedulers at regulated utilities, and merchant generation companies can be confident that they will be able to manage all their physical positions with delivery obligations in an accurate and timely manner.

    • Handling natural gas logistics


      Companies can benefit from managing natural gas pipeline transactions and storage capacity requirements more efficiently.


      An Openlink solution covers the logistics process of natural gas transactions with an end-to-end natural gas transaction management solution for physical market participants.
      The solution provides natural gas producers, pipeline operators, local distribution companies (LDCs), and wholesalers/marketers a complete front- to back-office transaction management environment - including trade capture and pricing, real-time position management, risk analytics, scheduling logistics, confirmation and settlement support, and accounting.

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