Producer Services

Supply, Distribution and Trading Software

Thinner operating margins means producers need to pay more attention to new well connects, particularly when wells first flow. Pressure on operating costs is driving a renewed focus on processes and efficiency. And disputes over royalty payments and compliance issues continue to take up attention and resources.

OpenLink provides a complete solution for producer services – from supply forecasting, contract management, lease management and gas balancing, to marketing/seller arrangements, meter allocation, scheduling and logistics, right through to position management, netback pricing and accounting.

With automated alerts when wells and meters come on line, you can be sure of taking advantage volume allocation at first flow, and you can set up the system to inform you when you are not receiving correct entitlements to quickly get a well back in balance. You can also manage shipper allocations and accurately balance pipeline allocated volumes.

The OpenLink solution provides auto-scheduling of volumes to the first marketing location, ensuring that traders always have real-time visibility into equity volume positions. With our solution, you can forecast equity volumes, trade and schedule in one integrated solution – eliminating the ongoing integration burden associated with separate systems, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Finally, we do accurate netback pricing within OpenLink and provide full netback reporting for owners and auditors to help avoid costly disputes around royalty or compliance lawsuits.