Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Supply, Distribution and Trading Software

Firms that generate and trade power are faced with a highly challenging environment including market liberalization, the increased use of renewables and the need for more timely intraday position and risk reporting. On top of this, new and existing regulations are adding extra costs and complexity in operational areas such as cross border trading, clearing, compliance reporting and accounting for hedges. 

OpenLink provides a complete front-to-back office solution for Power GenerationTransmission and Distribution covering the full range of commodities plus emissions and derivatives. You get one integrated solution including market interfaces for scheduling, trade capture, valuation, compliance and limits monitoring, through to position and risk reporting, collateral management, and treasury management. This eliminates much of the manual data integration and reconciliation work typically required in trading operations and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

With OpenLink's scheduling tools you can handle daily and intra-day nominations, manage communications and quickly identify imbalances across multiple markets and grid operators. Our system has the rules for key power markets built in. As a result, you can improve productivity and reduce the risk of errors and associated penalties/fees.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of regulatory reforms by working closely with regulators, clearing houses, service providers and trade data repositories to address our clients' regulatory challenges. We have already delivered a number of new capabilities including CFTC Position Limits Monitoring, Swap Data Repository Reporting and Clearing Workflows. 

OpenLink provides native hedge accounting capabilities including automated hedge effectiveness analytics and reporting – giving you the reassurance that earnings statements are being correctly reported. 

Finally, with OpenLink optimization is fully integrated with trading – from the long term planning down to unit commitment and economic dispatch. And with our unique optimization engine and broad range of component libraries and algorithms, you can optimize entire unit portfolios including renewables in one, integrated model.