European Power and Gas Trading

With more market participants, increased price transparency and lower volatility, firms that trade in European power and gas markets are seeing their margins decrease. Trading-focused companies are turning their attention to new markets and geographies but this introduces trading and operational complexity, while the increased use of renewables and new regulations pose challenges to all participants. In this climate, faster time to market, reducing total cost of ownership and front-to-back office automation are critical factors for success. To meet these challenges, in addition to our suite of energy trading and risk management offerings, we have developed the European Power and Gas Trading solution: a standardized Endur implementation, pre-configured based on industry best practices.

The European Power and Gas Trading solution enables market participants to extend their trading to new volumes, commodities or markets, and be up and running very quickly — in just a few months. Our Market Standard implementation of the industry’s leading Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) system is pre-configured based on a best practices repository which represents the highest standard for trading European gas, power and emissions, as well as FX and related financial derivatives. With support for physical commodities and financial instruments built-in, you get an aggregated view of positions, risk and P&L across all your business activity.

MET Group Selects OpenLink to manage their cross-border energy trading risk management and REMIT reporting.

We provide a complete front-to-back office solution, from trade capture, limits, valuations and market and credit risk management to position monitoring, power scheduling and/or gas nominations, through to invoicing, reconciliation and reporting. As a result, processes are streamlined and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making. And with all of your trading activity fully integrated in one solution, the information required by regulators for REMIT and EMIR compliance is readily available.

To take advantage of opportunities in newly deregulating markets, we support trading in Southern and Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey, as well as established markets in the UK and Continental Europe. Our solution interfaces to key exchanges and trading gateways including ICE, EEX, NYMEX, N2EX and Trayport.

OpenLink's scheduling tools let users manage daily and intra-day nominations, communications and quickly identifies imbalances across multiple European markets and grid operators. Our system has the rules for key power and gas markets incorporated — improving productivity and reducing the risk of errors and associated penalties.

You can reduce implementation risk and total cost of ownership by selecting a standardized implementation that is easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain. Once implemented, the system can be easily extended with additional OpenLink modules or custom development. Finally, if you don’t have the hardware in place to start trading, we can run the system on-demand, hosted in our 24/7 data centers across the globe — temporarily or on a permanent basis.

Market Standard Implementation Models

OpenLink has honed its project delivery expertise by leveraging intellectual capital gleaned from global implementations for more than 450 clients. The company has developed its proprietary Market Standard Implementation Models — a time-saving, cost-effective way for clients to streamline deployment of C/ETRM systems. For example, the company recently successfully deployed its Endur system in just 12 weeks for a major international energy company and a global trading group based in Europe.

<p>Winner – Best Energy Trading Risk </p>

Winner – Best Energy Trading Risk 

OpenLink named Category Winner for second consecutive year in 2017 Chartis RiskTech100® report.