Crude Oil, Refined Products and NGLs Supply Management

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Companies with crude oil, refined products and NGLs operations face continuing volatility in both price and demand, and there is an imperative to improve timeliness in decision making to manage supply operations in near real-time. At the same time, pressure on operating costs is driving an emphasis on efficiency in contract management, logistics, inventory management, order processing, regulatory tax reporting and settlement. The management of credit and the prevention of unauthorized trading activities are very much on the agenda.

"OpenLink supports our organization's need to manage and monitor credit in real-time. And, if a trader breaches a limit or threshold, several of our team members are notified immediately."

– Risk Controller

OpenLink provides a complete solution for crude oil, refined products and NGLs supply management – from deal capture through trading, scheduling, logistics and inventory management to rack management and lease management through to settlement, risk analysis reporting and treasury management. As a result, processes are streamlined, and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

OpenLink tracks all transactions related to inventory and exchange agreements including storage, cargos and in-transits, providing real-time volumetric and financial position reporting. This enables companies to analyze current and projected inventory balances and optimize inventory levels.

Automated, straight-through processing of both physical transactions and financial derivatives provide you with a real-time, aggregated, physical-to-financial view of positions and price risk exposure.

By coordinating purchases with schedulers and by providing visibility into product flows over time, our solution helps you to reduce operational disruption and associated costs. In addition, OpenLink simplifies and speeds up settlements, streamlines order processing and contract management, and ensures accuracy in regulatory reporting to tax authorities.

"We produce a significant number of invoices each month and interface OpenLink RightAngle into our G/L system. I cannot imagine running this process in a spreadsheet. We would never close out a month."

– NGL Unit Controller

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