Commodities Trading and Risk Management Software (CTRM)

Commodity Trading Solutions

A barrage of regulatory initiatives is transforming commodities trading. Companies face challenges around the new financial initiatives that are transforming the trading landscape, especially for clearing, reporting, collateral and margin management as well as changes to accounting standards. At the same time, price volatility continues, there's more risk of supplier default and regulators and boards are looking to put in place more robust stress testing.

OpenLink provides a complete front-to-back office solution for commodities trading and risk management (CTRM), covering the full range of commodities and derivatives.

One Integrated CTRM Solution
You get one integrated solution for trade capture, valuation, compliance and limits monitoring, position and risk reporting, collateral management, accounting, and cash management. This eliminates much of the manual data integration and reconciliation work typically required in trading operations, and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

Keeping ahead of regulations
We are committed to staying at the forefront of regulatory reforms by working closely with regulators, clearing houses, service providers and trade data repositories to address regulatory challenges for our customers. For example, we have already delivered new capabilities including CFTC Position Limits Monitoring, Swap Data Repository Reporting and Clearing Workflows.

Helping you control your risk
With funding for cleared OTC derivatives becoming more expensive, our collateral and margin management functionality provides full visibility of CSA terms and the ability to aggregate cash and collateral across the organization. So you can improve your firm's capital efficiency and put in place contingencies in the event of a collateral downgrade.

OpenLink provides native hedge accounting capabilities including automated hedge effectiveness analytics and reporting – giving you the reassurance that earnings statements are being correctly reported. Finally, the stress testing capabilities of OpenLink are second to none – enabling you to meet regulatory requirements and better understand risk exposures.

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Value Study: CTRMs

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