Coal Supply Management and Trading

Supply, Distribution and Trading Software

With coal prices historically lower and more stable than oil and gas, coal is likely to remain the most affordable fuel for power generation in many developing and industrialized countries for decades. However in order to control costs, major coal users need to focus on supply chain and inventory efficiency as well as managing quality specification from contract to delivery.

OpenLink provides a complete solution for Coal Supply Management and Trading – from procurement, scheduling, trading and inventory management right through to position and risk reporting and accounting. As a result, processes are streamlined and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

“We trade a significant amount of coal globally. We have been very happy that as our operation scaled... so did OpenLink. And, we did not need to spend millions of incremental consulting dollars to make it happen."

– Coal Trading and Logistics Analyst

Our solution captures positions, inventory and volumes in-transit while also tracking balances by origin, product grade and quality so you get the visibility you need to optimize inventory levels. With OpenLink you can also track the financial impact of supplier default or force majeure events to identify exposures and devise measures to mitigate supplier risk.

Crucially, OpenLink provides automated, straight-through processing of both physical coal transactions and financial derivatives, providing you with an aggregated physical-to-financial view of coal positions and price risk exposure.

Finally our quality specification management capabilities are second to none – enabling companies to manage coal quality from contract through to delivery, price adjustments and accounting.