CRM Web Portal

OpenLink's CRM Web Portal is a personalized connection to client-specific information and services including support related details, software distribution schedules and software testing and release note details. With direct access to the latest information available, OpenLink’s CRM Web Portal provides:

CRM System Access

  • Full history of all "open" and "life-to-date" support requests
  • Correspondence details, progress and current status information on client-specific support requests
  • Ability to request updates or escalation on any outstanding support requests

OpenLink Release Schedule and Release Notes Database

  • Provides detailed views on past and future client-specific releases
  • Detailed documentation on all software changes for each maintenance or client-specific software release
  • High level “What’s New” and “What’s Changed” documentation to further inform clients of improvements and system changes
  • Ability to filter Release Notes by functionality, priority, risk and software module

OpenLink Quality Assurance Test Case Database

  • Full searchable database detailing OpenLink’s test suites and automated test cases
  • Tests can be filtered by version, functional area, product and test type
  • Tests can be searched by keyword and test case number