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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies today need an up-to-the-minute picture of the disparate parts of their business in order to remain agile and gain competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving market.

To maximize contract and position exploitation at every point in the LNG marketplace, companies must employ a wide-ranging set of tools. They need solutions that cover multiple facets of the LNG supply chain, including complex contract modelling, liquefaction and regasification planning, vessel logistics and storage optimization.

LNG requirements such as heel management, boil-off and physical and financial contract linking are other important elements that must be managed effectively.

RapidLNG combines industry-leading tools from OpenLink, Veson Nautical and Wipro to give LNG leaders the best-in-class, decision-making tools. As a rapidly deployable, pre-configured solution, it allows you to cut operating costs by reducing IT infrastructure and expensive reconciliations.

Comprehensive risk management throughout the supply chain is achieved via a seamless integration between Endur LNG Xpress (Trading), Veson Nautical IMOS LNG (Vessel Management) and Wipro PAO (Planning).

This end-to-end solution improves decision-making, provides powerful reporting and greater visibility of costs, helping companies boost their profits and margins.


RapidLNG software for LNG planning, optimization, shipping and trading

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