Vessel Management

The Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) and IMOS LNG by Veson Nautical, is the vessel management component of the RapidLNG solution. An LNG voyage presents its own unique challenges, not the least of which is that an LNG tanker’s cargo becomes its fuel. IMOS LNG, developed by Veson Nautical, enables companies to manage the activities and risks associated with chartering, operations, financials, and freight specific to the LNG sector.

Navigate the risks and opportunities unique to LNG
IMOS LNG offers LNG tanker charterers and owners the first software solution designed around their business process. The software captures LNG vessel and voyage properties and streamlines operational data flow. The automation of LNG-specific bunker calculations enables users to generate accurate voyage P&Ls and increase operational efficiency.

Additional critical LNG-specific functionality includes:

  • Fuel Consumption Calculations, based on LNG consumption curves, are captured for use in operations, estimates and voyage financials
  • Natural Boil Off and Forced Boil Off consumption modes are supported as well as Dual Fuel and IFO
  • LNG Vessel Performance Analysis benchmarks against vessel/time charter consumption curves

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