Trading and Risk Management

OpenLink’s Endur LNG Xpress is the trading component of the RapidLNG solution. A version of Endur, our award-winning energy trading and risk management (ETRM) platform, it offers customers an out-of-the-box solution that reduces overall project timelines and total cost of ownership.

Endur LNG Xpress is an end-to-end solution that utilizes intelligent, real-world physical models to break up contract pricing into cargoes. The solution contains a scalable logistics model that manages LNG Trading and Risk Management requirements in a single, market-leading energy ETRM platform.

RapidLNG software for LNG planning, optimization, shipping and trading


Endur LNG Xpress Solution Highlights

LNG Specific Trading Model
Endur LNG Xpress captures all the details and information around Spot and Term physical LNG deals, along with a full suite of other financial products. Specific complexities of LNG formulas can be modelled fully and accurately, taking into consideration average daily quantity (ADQs), netback pricing, logistics-linked pricing and regasification utilization strategies.

Real-World Modelling
A global view of the LNG portfolio is created by defining all relevant transactions within the working model. Planning, logistics, actualization and inventory management for all points along the value chain can be achieved in one platform.

Cargo Economics 
Contracts can be disaggregated into individual cargoes that contain all relevant LNG costs, financials and valuations. This highly configurable structure provides accurate, real-time profit and loss by cargo. This creates a clear trading platform, increases hedging effectiveness and can produce cargo level exposures.


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