Planning and Optimization

Wipro PAO is the planning component of the RapidLNG solution. The solution is geared towards optimizing the entire supply chain for LNG companies. By using sophisticated operational research algorithms, it helps companies prepare operational plans and delivery schedules for the entire year.

Wipro PAO is a pre-configured solution that supports LNG producers and customers of all sizes to maximize vessel and berth utilization, while minimizing costs associated with inventory and transportation.

PAO enables users to prepare an annual delivery plan (ADP), taking into account various constraints and schedules to meet planning objectives, almost in real-time. The solution is a powerful tool that enables users to capitalize on flexi and spot contract opportunities.

Integrated with Endur LNG Xpress and Veson Nautical IMOS LNG, PAO delivers sensitivity analysis to measure the impact of various logistical changes and customer requested schedule or quantity changes. In short, the solution enables the scheduler to make faster and more efficient decisions, while providing a record of the decision-making process.

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