RightAngle is a comprehensive Commodities Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution, supporting front-to-back office workflow from physical and financial deal capture to risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting.

With straight-through processing of trading and supply transaction information on a single, unified platform, you get an aggregated, real-time volumetric and financial view of positions and risk.

RightAngle: Key Components


Calculates mark-to-market, VaR and Greeks across the portfolio


Full overview of credit activities across the enterprise


Automates the process of booking and pricing transactions, calculating the taxes and other costs, and creating invoices

Voyager Viewer 

Tool for marine schedulers to manage high volumes of data


Dashboards for displaying and visualizing large amounts of data


Tracks and manages complex lease arrangements across the supply chain


Captures and values transactions from trading or scheduling

Rack Marketing 

Support for rack pricing, invoicing and integration with terminal automation systems

Taxing Engine 

Configures taxes and defines the transactions to which it is to be invoked

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Value Delivered

  • Get more timely and accurate information for decision making with a single end-to-end solution
  • Analyze current and projected inventory balances to optimize inventory levels and provide accurate valuations
  • Avoid supply disruptions with integrated logistics by voyage or pipeline and advanced visualization
  • Manage price risk while sourcing feedstocks and manufacturing intermediates and blended products
  • Simplify and speed up settlement and accounting
  • Measure hedge effectiveness (under IFRS9, IAS39 or FAS 133) and minimize earnings volatility

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Customer Success: Phillips 66

“We now have a single source of truth or golden copy of data that can be shared globally.”