OASES is a complete strategic sourcing and commodities management solution with advanced trading, risk management, logistics and treasury capabilities. The solution is used by global food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals and other finished goods companies.

With OpenLink OASES you can follow the path of materials from raw materials procurement to finished goods to get complete visibility into margin contribution from each process in the value chain. Comprehensive volumetric, financial and credit risk measures including earnings at risk are built into the solution.

OASES: Key Components

Contract Management 

Physical and financial contract capture, inventory management and position keeping

Procurement and Forecasting Module

Manage materials procurement against forecast for finished goods including coverage reporting and hedge management

Production and Manufacturing 

Support for formula based and product-to-product manufacturing including calculation of the manufactured cost

Risk Management and Reporting  

  • Complex derivatives and structured products support
  • Value at Risk, Earnings at Risk, Cash Flow at Risk measures
  • Multi-level attribution, including deal, position, portfolio, business unit and counterparty
  • Limits management and exception reporting
  • Out-of-the-box reports plus custom calculations and reports


Movements scheduling and management of freight carriers for raw materials and finished goods

Hedge Accounting 

Supports hedge prescriptions, hedge effectiveness and compliance reporting

Treasury Management 

Including cash management, liquidity, funding, hedging and reporting

Regulatory Compliance 

Support for USDA, FDA, CFTC and Dodd Frank related regulations

Standard ERP interfaces 

SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Value Delivered

  • Get transparency into inventory and forward commitment of raw materials in manufacturing globally
  • Get an aggregated physical-to-financial view of positions, risk and P&L in one system
  • Understand margin contribution from each process in the value chain from origination through to finished good
  • Manage volumetric, market and credit risks in a single dashboard
  • Remove the need for manual reconciliation with a single integrated solution along the supply chain
  • Mitigate the effect of price volatility with optimal commodities hedging
  • Model the effect of supplier failure and devise more effective strategies to mitigate the impact of default
  • Deliver custom reporting and dashboards with minimal development
  • Measure hedge effectiveness (under IFRS9, IAS39 or FAS 133) and minimize earnings volatility