IRM is a platform for energy trade processing from front-to-back office, including portfolio and risk management. With a focus on the gas and power industries, the solution supports multiple commodities and provides comprehensive electricity and gas scheduling across system operators in multiple markets.

OpenLink IRM is also widely used for forecasting and optimization, providing a unique engine to optimize entire unit portfolios, including renewables in one, integrated model.

IRM: Key Components


Trading and procurement management functionality from contracts, deal entry and position keeping to settlement:

  • Portfolio and risk management including Value-at-Risk, Earnings-at-Risk and portfolio evaluation
  • Schedule management for electricity (ESS-A, ESS-D, ESS-CH, ESS-I, RTE) and gas (EDIG@S)


Multi-purpose forecasting and planning module for sales and procurement:

  • Short, medium and long-term forecasting including load consumption, market price, inflows and planning of quantities
  • Scenario calculations for forecasting grid and single loads


Optimization for energy trading and physical asset utilization:

  • Power plant structures and contracts
  • Complex national and international gas systems including transport routes, storage and gas blending stations
  • Associated financial products and ancillary services


Wholesale distribution across multi-commodity requests:

  • Sales trading, contract management and transfer pricing
  • Scenario comparison and contribution margin accounting

Value Delivered

  • Remove errors in transferring data between systems so traders, risk managers and schedulers see correct up-to-date positions
  • Manage risk with integrated risk analysis and controls
  • Simplify scheduling with one tool to manage nominations, then quickly identify and address imbalances
  • Save costs and improve efficiency with optimization fully integrated with trading
  • Optimize generating mix across multiple unit types, factoring in transmission constraints
  • Optimize unit selection and avoid over commitment where renewables are used
  • Work from unit commitment to long term planning in one integrated solution
  • Leverage market modeling for newly deregulated markets to make investment decisions and forecast mid-term prices
<p>Romande Energie Selects OpenLink</p>

Romande Energie Selects OpenLink

OpenLink chosen for its proven record of delivering successful solutions to mid-tier energy firms.

<p>Gaznat Uses OpenLink to Optimize</p>

Gaznat Uses OpenLink to Optimize

OpenLink’s physical asset portfolio optimization solution goes live in 30 days.

<p>Lampiris Taps OpenLink</p>

Lampiris Taps OpenLink

Gas and electricity portfolio trading, power nominations and forecasting are now centralized at this green energy company.