Asset Transaction Management

For pipeline operators who manage the day-to-day movement of oil and others bulk liquids, Asset Transaction Management (ATM) automates and streamlines manual processes for companies. By centralizing the collection of data, ATM helps pipeline and storage operators improve communication with customers, maintain accurate inventories and optimize their overall operations.

With automated end-to-end operational management and reporting, ATM serves companies that operate pipelines, terminals, blending facilities, fractionation facilities and other types of assets. The solution offers custom tools to manage changes in the marketplace, enabling operators to maintain a competitive advantage.

Asset Transaction Management: Key Functionality

  • Nomination management via ATM Web Portal®
  • Ticket distribution (manual and automated)
  • Fractionator distribution management
  • Loss allowance
  • Capacity and linefill management
  • Product transfer orders (PTOs)
  • nvoices for transportation tariffs and ancillary fees
  • Statements for tracking shipper balances
  • Robust reporting (invoices, statements and ticket details via web portal)

Value Delivered

  • Automate report generation and communication between asset owners and shippers
  • Enhance customer experience and functionality via the self-service shipper ATM Web Portal®
  • Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency with a single, integrated system
  • Streamline management of nomination and invoicing activities
  • Ensure timely and accurate inventory reporting
  • Quickly respond to market changes and improve overall decision-making

Asset Transaction Management

Asset Transaction Management - download the factsheet


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