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The OpenLink Bulletin – Spring 2015

Enbridge Improves Operational Efficiency with Endur V14

Enbridge is an energy delivery company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It focuses on the transport and distribution of crude oil, natural gas, and other liquids. The company is the largest natural gas distributor in Canada, and a major oil pipeline transport operator in North America. In addition, it has invested in renewable energy projects. The company has more than 11,000 employees, mostly in Canada and the United States.

As the export of Canadian bulk commodities and crude exports to the U.S. have grown, so have challenges for organizations like Enbridge, with operations in both countries. Regulatory requirements, and unit measurements and conversions unique to Canada, require extra resources and time to navigate and manage.

To remain competitive, Enbridge requires a commodity trading and risk management platform robust enough to support both markets.

One of the new enhancements in Endur V14 helps companies like Enbridge more easily model business across geographic regions.

Below, Brett Rudolph, Manager, Enterprise Marketing & Risk Management Systems at Enbridge, shares his experience on new functionality in Endur V14, and on being the first company to deploy it.


Cross-Geography Business

Q:What business benefits have you experienced from working with Endur V14?

Enbridge: Endur V14 has enhanced functionality for Crude & NGLs that let companies like ours calculate the differential costs between the Canadian and U.S. grades, as well as streamline and manage our cross-border operations and value chain more efficiently.

By automating the weight conversion process, it takes a lot less time to model Crude Oil grades. As a result, Endur V14 will save us time and money because we can enter deals in the system, and value them correctly and faster than before.

Upgrading to Endur V14

Q: Was there any pushback to upgrading?

Enbridge: In Endur V14 there are a number of deal modeling enhancements around liquids that are critical for our business, and we therefore wanted to implement the latest version of Endur.

During the upgrade, OpenLink engaged corporate leadership and showed a lot of responsiveness to ensure we went live on schedule and budget, in less than 7 months. As a result of the successful implementation, Enbridge is now working with OpenLink as a beta partner and early adopter of V15.