OpenLink Dominates Energy Risk Software Rankings – voted 1st Place in 11 Categories

Awards include no. 1 for physical and financial integration, market risk for oil and gas, and best overall ETRM platform

New York, New York – March 9, 2011 – OpenLink Financial LLC (OpenLink), a leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and operations processing software solutions, announced today that it has been ranked first place in 11 categories in Energy Risk Magazine's 2011 industry survey. End-users from energy trading companies, oil/gas houses, utilities, energy producers and many others voted to select the best vendors in the space.

Kevin Hesselbirg, CEO of OpenLink, responded to the distinction by voters, "This year's categories reveal the top market challenges our clients are facing including: value chain management and decision support, new regulations, compliance requirements and heightened risk awareness in a global environment, and an increased interest in renewables and alternative energy. We are pleased to receive this feedback from the marketplace, as our blueprint for success has always been centered around providing cutting-edge, pioneering solutions in a constantly evolving market."

Dr. Wolfgang Ferse, EVP of Commodities and Energy Solutions at OpenLink, noted, "The responses show that the market participants value OpenLink's solution strategy to support all physical and financial elements within the cross-commodity ETRM value chain in a truly integrated way, whilst continuing to provide market leading analytical and risk methodologies focused on profit optimization and risk control."

Overall, OpenLink ranked highest in terms of number of votes cast and No. 1 placement in Markets, Functionality and Industries that it supports, including:

  • 1st = Physical and Financial Integration
  • 1st = Market Risk: Oil
  • 1st = Market Risk: Gas
  • 1st = Best Product Coverage
  • 1st = Best Knowledge in Market in Which Software Operates
  • 1st = Risk Metrics
  • 1st = Portfolio Management
  • 1st = Integration of Different Data Sets
  • 1st = Degree of STP
  • 1st = Front Office and Trade Capture
  • 1st = Best overall ETRM platform

Ferse added, "By providing advanced decision-support and reporting around trading, risk management, inventory/storage management, transportation, and energy scenario management, OpenLink offers industry participants key tools to move beyond reacting to market changes. Our goal is to allow our users to truly capitalize on market opportunities and options, within known constraints, while managed by a risk-adjusted valuation paradigm and strong operational control inclusive of compliance tools, fully compliant with existing and pending governmental regulations."

Dr. Ferse contributed to an article written by Energy Risk's U.S. Editor, Pauline McCallion, providing his perspective on the survey results. To read more, or to view the full survey results, please visit: Energy Risk.

The Energy Risk survey assesses software vendors based on the functionality, usability, performance, and reliability of solutions by conducting an online poll of industry users of energy trading and risk management tools. The 2011 survey also focused on assessing solution attributes, such as adaptability to new markets and products, increased physical functionality, advances in analytics, degree of commodity coverage, and real-time functionality.

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