Tools to enhance your metals trading, risk management and logistics operations

Companies that extract, refine, smelt and fabricate metals, or use metals to manufacture finished goods, face challenges including continuing volatility in price, demand and managing energy costs.

Regulatory and macro-economic changes have introduced uncertainty, putting logistics management back on the agenda and threatening the profitability of trading strategies. The rise in international exchanges opens up new trading opportunities but also increased exposure to FX and interest rate risks. New regulations are adding extra costs and complexity in operational areas such as clearing, compliance reporting and accounting for hedges.

OpenLink provides a complete front to back office metals trading, risk management and logistics platform that:

  • Supports a wide range of base and precious metals
  • Simplifies trading across multiple exchanges
  • Provides real-time monitoring of risk, including exposure and limit management
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance reporting
  • Measures hedge effectiveness and minimizes earnings volatility

The world’s leading commodities companies trust OpenLink. Contact us today to learn how we help metals companies gain competitive advantage.

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