Driving ROI

The Business Case for a Comprehensive ETRM Solution for Cross-Commodity Players

A tier 1/tier 2 company reaps benefits of up to $10.2 M per year resulting from cost savings, productivity gains and incremental revenue opportunities.

A tier 1/tier 2 makes a five-year investment totaling $12.1M in an ETRM and generates a positive return in 18.1 months.

A tier 3 organization realizes annual benefits up to $4.0M by reducing time on back-office processes, manual reconciliation, improved hedging and more.

Our new white paper / study created in conjunction with Hobson & Company highlights the benefits realized by OpenLink customers using our comprehensive cross-commodity energy trading risk management (ETRM) solution.

As part of the study, interviews were conducted with 13 OpenLink clients to better understand the challenges they faced before moving forward with our solution.

These clients identified three key organizational issues:

  • Process optimization
  • Risk mitigation and compliance improvement
  • Growth in today’s market

The customers interviewed identified a number of benefits to having OpenLink’s comprehensive cross-commodity ETRM solution and the value it has brought to four key areas including:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Business growth
  • Better managed compliance and mitigated risk
  • Reduced IT spend

Thinking about investing in an ETRM? Find out more by downloading a copy of our white paper today.

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