Market Insight

  • 20 Years of Energy Trading History

    What events and milestones have impacted energy traders and risk managers during the last two decades? From the global financial crisis of 2008 to the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011, our infographic illustrates the changes.
  • Treasurers Turn Focus to Financing and Leasing Risk

    OpenLink provides a critical consolidated view of enterprise-wide treasury, cash, commodities and currency risk exposure on a single platform. Organizations can make rapid, smart decisions in response to market fluctuations, with the visibility necessary to perform effective financial commodity hedging.
  • Why Comprehensive Cloud Will be Treasury’s Watershed Moment

    This is a pivotal moment in the treasury industry. Treasurers have increasingly moved from a tactical to strategic force within the business and a comprehensive Cloud offering represents a genuine gear shift – a whole new way of doing business.
  • OpenLink Cloud: Ecosystem for Treasury and Risk Management

    A new webchat from Cash & Treasury Management File highlights the opportunities OpenLink Cloud provides for today’s corporate treasury departments.
  • Sterling's Slide Should Force Corporates to Take a 'First Look' at the FX Code

    When turning the pages of the FX Code over the coming weeks, the key question treasurers need to be asking themselves is whether their hedging strategy is sufficient. Nobody is ever completely hedged, but given current political uncertainty and to meet the Code’s risk management requirements, many will need a complete view of their risk exposure in order to make the best possible hedging decisions in the days ahead.
  • Why OpenLink Cloud

    Increasingly organizations are seeking opportunities to migrate some of their mission-critical trading, treasury and risk management operations into the public cloud. Watch a new video to learn more.
  • Cloud Control

    Time-stretched energy traders are crying out for faster, smarter risk management systems. OpenLink has answered the call with its trading and risk management cloud that offers transformative possibilities to individual firms and the industry as a whole.
  • Treasury Finds Itself At Home In FinTech

    “Modern treasury management demands added functionality like risk and trade management, especially for international conglomerates,” says OpenLink’s CTO Rich Grossi in a new article in
  • Cloud in the News

    The rate of adoption of the cloud in the industries we serve is increasing. Read what the analysts are saying.
  • Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology - The OpenLink Cloud

    A new video from ComTech Advisory features OpenLink’s CEO John O’Malley discussing the launch of the new OpenLink Cloud platform and the business benefits and transformational capabilities it delivers to trading, treasury and risk management operations.