Webcast - Risk, and the future of trading


Risk, and the future of trading with Larry Tabb, Founder - TABB Group

Don’t miss a new webcast by TABB Group and Openlink on trading, risk and the central risk book (CRB).

Dodd-Frank, Basel III, Volcker, MiFID 2… financial regulation is at the core of how financial services firms operate. As regulators push to reduce risk, banks and buy side firms are increasingly turning to the central risk book (CRB) to manage all market, credit and liquidity risks across the organization.

This presentation covers the challenges and opportunities of using CRBs as a data and risk management repository. How can it help an organization gain competitive advantage? What are the technology requirements? 



Larry Tabb

Founder and Research Chairmain, TABB Group

Larry Tabb, founder and research chairman of TABB Group

Larry Tabb is the founder and research chairman of TABB Group, the research and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on capital markets. Launched in 2003 and based on the interview-based research methodology of “first-person knowledge” that Larry developed, TABB analyzes and quantifies the investing value chain, from the fiduciary, investment manager and broker, to the exchange and custodian, helping senior business leaders gain a truer understanding of financial markets issues. More… 

Ji Li

Vice President of Product Management, Openlink

Ji Li, VP Product Management at Openlink

Ji Li is the Vice President of Product Management for Risk and Analytics at Openlink. His responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating risk related product activities at Openlink. Previously, Mr. Li was Director of the Risk and Analytics group where he managed risk based products and services to clients. Prior to joining Openlink, Mr. Li worked in various positions at SunGard Data Systems, including Director of Services in New York, Project Director in London, and lastly, Sales Director in Beijing. Mr. Li holds a B.S., Physics from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, an M.S., Physics from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, and an M.B.A. from Stern Business School of New York University. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 

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