Digitizing the energy industry supply chain in Asiaa


Digitizing the energy industry supply chain in Asia

Don’t miss a webcast  from Risk.net, Asia Risk and Openlink on digitizing the energy industry supply chain in Asia.

It was not long ago when market factors had yet to dictate an environment where energy companies were incentivized to adopt a full-scale implementation of digitized and automated operating functions. As energy firms are now more than ever looking for ways to integrate smarter margin management, optimize their operating procedures, avoid supply disruptions and reduce equipment downtime, taking advantage of the latest emerging technologies is the clearest pathway to achieving these goals.

The energy industry is ideally suited for this type of transformation, as operations can span multiple regions, with protracted supply chains and significant capital investments. Implementing new digital solutions is not only now widely accessible, it is a crucial capability for any organization that wants to thrive amid current market complexities. The visibility that can be delivered by digital solutions and analytics is now able to provide previously unattainable granular views into operational procedures and enhance strategic decision-making.

As energy firms across the globe are racing to integrate these solutions into their operating infrastructure, those who fail to do so risk falling far behind their competition, as the days of relying on consumption to sustain profit margins are long in the rear-view mirror. Hear from a panel of experts who will discuss best practices in digitizing your firm’s supply chain and provide concrete examples as to how these technologies can facilitate expansive margin management and more dynamic operational procedures.

Key topics include:

  • Utilizing data and technology for margin management
  • Examining what segment-specific modules are being developed to meet rising business needs to cope with volatile markets and new asset classes
  • Avoiding supply disruptions with integrated logistics
  • Simplifying and increasing the speed of the settlement process between upstream owners and producers
  • How to substantially reduce equipment downtime through preventive, condition-based maintenance
  • Mitigating reputational risk through better planning and greater flexibility
  • Connecting previously siloed operations and drive collaboration across upstream, midstream, or downstream workflows
  • Are there any digital solutions that help with regulatory upkeep?

Greg Moyle

Head of Sales, Energy and Commodities, Openlink

Greg Moyle, Head of Sales, Energy and Commodities, Openlink

Greg is the Head of Sales - Energy and Commodities for Openlink in Asia-Pacific. He has over 10 years experience in the sale, implementation and support of energy and commodity solutions. Before joining Openlink, Greg held various senior level roles at Brady, EKA and TriplePoint Technology. Hence, Greg brought with him a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the ETRM space and has since enhanced and applied that knowledge to his role, currently leading the Asia-Pacific sales organization based out of Openlink’s Asia headquarters in Singapore. 

Chandra Dev Singh

Head of Derivatives, Risk Management, Bharat Petroleum

Chandra Dev Singh, Head of Derivatives, Risk Management, Bharat Petroleum

Chandra Dev Singh has over 20 years of professional experience in the oil and gas sector, predominantly in energy risk management. He leads a team which is responsible for the hedging of refinery margins (GRM), freight, bunkers and outright petroleum products like Naphtha, fuel oil, precious metal and structured product solutions to industrial and commercial sectors. He has exhaustive knowledge of financial risks, hedge accounting standards and OTC energy market compliance and regulations, as well as hands-on experience in the fields of market and credit risk management, ETRM application, precious metal and in providing structured product solutions to industrial and commercial sectors. He often interacts with technical experts, oil trade analysts and heads of market research all over the world. Chandra has been invited as a speaker on the subjects of oil, petroleum products, downstream, LNG, ETRM applications and risk management in many international conferences in Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Brisbane, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro and London. 

John Driscoll

Director, JTD Energy Services

John Driscoll, Director, JTD Energy Services

John Driscoll’s career spans over 30 years with senior management posts in supply, trading, energy publishing and consulting. After graduating from Stanford in 1976, John joined ARCO in Los Angeles as a product operator. He moved to Singapore in 1985 with Maxus, an Indonesian crude producer. He opened Singapore trading offices for UK oil company Ultramar and US refiner Tosco. He joined Mobil Asia in 1997 as Team Leader, Fuel Oil until the Exxon merger. John ran Argus Media in Asia for five years before returning to trading in 2004 as Senior Manager for GS Caltex Singapore, handling product trading, risk management and market analysis. A naturalized Singaporean, John setup JTD Energy Services in 2013. He lectures at Singapore Management University on oil trading, pricing and risk management. He is a regular speaker in local media. 

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