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Compelling Trends In Russian Energy And Commodities Markets Outlined During Openlink Panel Discussion And Survey

68% of respondents reveal price forecasting, analytics, and STP as most important tools when preparing for market open – Openlink well positioned to meet these needs

New York – June 3rd, 2011 – Openlink Financial LLC (Openlink), a leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and operations processing software, today released findings from a recent webinar which surveyed senior energy and commodities industry professionals focused on assessing supply and demand dynamics for energy commodities in Russia.

During the event, 57% of participants revealed that their top priorities when preparing for the Russian market open would include a strong trading and execution platform with vigorous risk management capabilities that can support a multi-commodity environment.

Dr. Markus Seiser, Managing Director, Openlink Central Europe, commenting on this survey response noted, "This supports our view that there is a strong desire for organizations to participate in the potential opportunities that the growing Russian power and gas markets will provide. Companies who are looking to invest in the region understand that to combat the challenges of emerging markets with changing regulations, high degrees of volatility and complexity, they require robust and flexible solutions. Understanding this growing trend, Openlink began investing in the Russian market a few years ago and has maintained an office in Moscow since 2010 which supports a professional services organization with local market skills. This enables us to meet the needs of organizations seeking to profit from this market."

"The Russian market is continuing to become a major component within the global energy and commodities trading landscape, especially as Supply and Demand imbalances increase as a result of emerging market growth and the sustained uncertainty created by the 'Arab Spring,'" said Openlink's CEO Kevin Hesselbirg. "The findings showcase the key value dynamic trading and risk technology will have in helping market participants and we are pleased to be on the forefront of these solutions for our clients and the industry."

Prior to the event, industry professionals were also asked what is most important to them when preparing for the market opening. Their responses were as follows:

  • Price forecasting and analytical tools 44%
  • Straight thru processing – trading and risk management 24%
  • Optimized balance of supply and demand for all related commodities 24%
  • Connectivity tools and market communication 8%

To aid market participants interested in the Russian market Openlink recently launched a Russian language website demonstrating our global solutions which are designed to not only include the required functionality, but also to be adaptable enough to meet the emerging needs of markets and regions as they evolve.

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