Energy Trading Excellence conference)


ETEX 2018

Energy Trading Excellence conference

October 10-11, 2018
Central Hall Westminster, London, United Kingdom

ETEX 2018

Energy Trading Excellence (ETEX) is a bold series of mini conferences where Europe's energy traders gather to learn, share and connect, taking place October 10-11, 2018 in London, UK. 

The European energy markets are dramatically increasing in liquidity and frequency of trading, with ever-narrow profit margins and increasing complexity making it difficult to act quickly with confidence. How do forward looking organisations such as RWE set themselves up to harness their data with Openlink solutions, increasing trading portfolio transparency and facilitating intraday decisions that were previously difficult or impossible to make? Attendees of ETEX 2018 – don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to make real-time analytics and portfolio management a reality at our speaking session October 10 at 9:20AM.

Meet our team at the conference to find out more about how we help companies map their position in real-time with a holistic view of all financial and physical risks, giving them the agility to act quickly and optimise P&L.

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Openlink presentation: Making real-time analytics and portfolio management a reality – the RWE case study

October 10, 2018 
9:20 AM

In a market with increasing liquidity and higher frequency trading, very few people would turn down the prospect of making swift, accurate decisions across every trade based on real-time insights. But how do you get there? How are your peers setting themselves up? Where does tech fit in? How?

  • What are the drivers behind the need for real-time data & analytics today and the challenges traders face making key decisions?
  • How do clients harness their data to facilitate short-term decisions that were previously difficult or impossible to make, while ensuring the business can commit to those decisions with confidence?
  • How can data centralisation increase trading portfolio transparency, allowing for better control of associated risk drivers?
  • What are key areas to automate to generate seamless real-time KPIs and risk figures?
  • How does technology help the business become more agile in their response to changing regulations, market conditions, competitive challenges and new opportunities?


Andre Jaeger, SVP Product Management, Openlink

About Openlink

Openlink is the global leader in energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software. Ranked #1 in 11 categories in the 2018 Energy Risk Software Rankings and recently awarded the 2018 Energy Risk “ETRM/CTRM software house of the year,” we provide a complete front-to-back office solution covering the broadest range of asset classes in the industry today.


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