2017 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum

November 14, 2017
New York City, New York, USA

2017 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum

All Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers as well as VPs, Directors of Finance and Treasurers are invited to meet Openlink at the 2017 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum in New York City where we will showcase our treasury and risk management platform.

The event will cover:

  • Understanding and assessing the impact of disruptors
  • Assessing the major political, regulatory and economic drivers impacting today’s business climate
  • Leveraging emerging technologies to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Transforming data into valuable insights to make better business decisions

Openlink is the market leader in trading and risk management software and has received numerous industry awards including FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for Best Middle-to-Back Office Integration Solution and Best Derivatives Operations Solution, with analyst firms Gartner and Chartis citing Openlink as a leader in financial platforms. 

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