Natural Gas

Natural gas has evolved into a global industry with disparate markets increasingly linked by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Companies that produce, distribute and trade natural gas face many challenges, including expanding their value chain due to thinner operating margins and the need for more timely intraday position and risk reporting.


Natural Gas Solutions


European Power and Gas Trading
Extend trading to new volumes, faster time to market, reduce total cost of ownership and front-to-back office automation for trading European gas, power and emissions.


Gas Supply Distribution and Trading and LNG
Covering physical gas (gaseous and liquefied form) and related derivatives for equity production, gas processing, scheduling, forecasting, storage and more.



Midstream Management
Forecasting of in-let supply and tailgate volumes, management of contracts options and quality analysis, position management and scenario modeling, back-office documentation and accounting.


Producer Services
Supply forecasting, contract and lease management, gas balancing, marketing/seller arrangements, meter allocation, scheduling and logistics, position management, netback pricing and accounting.


Treasury and Risk Management
Provides business benefits for commodity intensive corporates by integrating cash management, commodity procurement and forecasts with FX and derivatives trading while reporting on hedge effectiveness and market risk factors affecting a firm’s positions.

<p>OpenLink Powers Balkans Expansion</p>

OpenLink Powers Balkans Expansion

Energy Delivery Solutions uses OpenLink for cross-border power trading and scheduling.

<p>Winner – Best Energy Trading Risk </p>

Winner – Best Energy Trading Risk 

OpenLink named Category Winner for second consecutive year in 2017 Chartis RiskTech100® report.