Natural Gas Liquids

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Companies face continuing volatility in both price and demand, and there is an imperative to improve timeliness in decision making. At the same time, the complexity involved in managing the process from acquisition of raw natural gas liquids through delivery of refined components and timely completion of accounting with large numbers of invoices means NGLs supply management is complex.

"OpenLink RightAngle makes the process of buying Y-Grade on one side of the trade and selling propane and other C+ products on the other side of the trade much easier."

– NGL Marketer

NGLs Solutions


Crude, Refined and NGLs Supply Management
Deal capture through trading, scheduling, logistics and inventory management to rack management and lease management, through to settlement, risk analysis reporting and accounting.


Midstream Management
Forecasting of in-let supply and tailgate volumes, management of contracts options and quality analysis, position management and scenario modeling, back-office documentation and accounting.


Treasury and Risk Management
Provides business benefits for commodity intensive corporates by integrating cash management, commodity procurement and forecasts with FX and derivatives trading while reporting on hedge effectiveness and market risk factors affecting a firm’s positions.

OpenLink Named Category leader for Energy Trading Risk

"We produce a significant number of invoices each month and interface OpenLink RightAngle into our G/L system. I cannot imagine running this process in a spreadsheet. We would never close out a month."

– NGL Unit Controller