Crude and Refined

Crude and Refined Products

With volatility forecast to remain high, companies with crude oil and refined products operations need to make decisions faster than ever in order to maintain a competitive advantage and manage supply operations in near real-time. At the same time, pressure on operating costs is forcing companies to rethink and improve efficiencies in contract management, logistics, inventory management, order processing, regulatory tax reporting and settlement.


Crude and Refined Solutions


Airline Fuel Management
Automate straight-through processing of physical fuel transactions and financial derivatives used for hedging, get an aggregated physical-to-financial view of fuel positions and price risk exposure.


Biofuels Production and Trading
Production management, materials forecasting, procurement, inventory, logistics, ticketing, grain banking and storage, hedging, FX risk, treasury management, reporting and compliance.


Crude, Refined and NGLs Supply Management
Deal capture through trading, scheduling, logistics and inventory management to rack management and lease management through to settlement, risk analysis reporting and treasury management.


Midstream Management
Forecasting of in-let supply and tailgate volumes, management of contracts options and quality analysis, position management and scenario modeling, back-office documentation and accounting.


OpenLink Named Category leader for Energy Trading Risk

Producer Services
Supply forecasting, contract and lease management, gas balancing, marketing/seller arrangements, meter allocation, scheduling and logistics, position management, netback pricing and accounting.


Rack Marketing
Capture deals and track movements so you get real-time visibility over your positions and inventories across all products and locations.


Treasury and Risk Management
Provides business benefits for commodity intensive corporates by integrating cash management, commodity procurement and forecasts with FX and derivatives trading while reporting on hedge effectiveness and market risk factors affecting a firm’s positions.

<p>Superior Plus Energy Services</p>

Superior Plus Energy Services

OpenLink’s energy trading & risk solution will help manage growth of U.S. Refined Fuels business.

<p>Uniper & OpenLink Sign Agreement</p>

Uniper & OpenLink Sign Agreement

The 5-year agreement will see OpenLink provide energy trading and risk management to Uniper.