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We are very excited to share that website content has now fully migrated onto one unified OpenLink website. Under the new unified brand, we will continue to develop the market leading dbcSMARTsoft applications as well as extend OpenLink’s advanced functionality to service all facets of the evolving marketplaces we serve.

The combination of dbcSMARTsoft with OpenLink's Solutions Suites allows us to provide our customers with superior products in a more comprehensive manner.

  • Client Support Center: dbcSMARTsoft support information is accesible from our new Client Support page.

OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group (dbcSMARTsoftware) provides a range of solutions for Agricultural industries:

Agricultural Commodity Management
OpenLink provides a complete solution for agricultural commodity management, from commodity procurement, inventory management and costing, transportation and logistics to ticketing, storage, contract management and merchandising through to position management, hedging, FX risk, accounting, treasury management, reporting and compliance.

Commodity Processing and Milling Software
From the commodities processor or miller, from the farmer to the plant, and from the plant to product distribution networks, you get a complete solution with OpenLink. 

We capture deals and track movements that impact inventory at each staging point. With real-time visibility over positions and inventory levels across all input commodities and products at all locations, you can optimize inventory management. The solution also automates freight logistics, streamlines processes and tightens payment controls.

Margin Management on Finished Goods
Greater competition in markets for finished goods leaves little room to pass on unexpected price increases downstream. OpenLink provides a complete solution for margin management on finished goods, which follows the path of materials right through from origination through to finished goods, to get complete visibility into margin contribution from each process in the value chain.

About OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group

OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group (formerly dbcSMARTsoftware) specializes in the development of commodity management, merchandising and grain accounting software (dbcSMARTsoft).

OpenLink ASG develops and markets dbcSMARTsoft (dbc, dbcSMARTsoft, GrainSMART, HedgeSMART), the software solution suite for producers, processors, manufacturers and traders who buy, sell, hedge, warehouse, merchandise, export, and transform commodities into value-added products and by-products for distribution. With hundreds of installations in 16 countries, dbcSMARTsoft provides mission critical solutions that help manage exposure to commodity price and currency fluctuations while providing a rich portfolio of components to manage the complete value chain of agricultural-based products, chemicals, softs and fuels.

dbcSMARTsoft includes: commodity management with contracts, tickets, advances, final settlement, accruals, order logistics, debit/credit memos, storage, position risk management, bin management and futures and options. Also included are A/R, A/P, G/L, financial reporting, inventory costing, production, sales order processing, sales analysis, purchase orders, RIN processing, brokerage and contracts-multiple products.