Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Globalization of operations, price volatility and thinning margins mean chemical and pharmaceuticals manufacturers face increased complexity in managing forward commitment of raw materials.


Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals Solutions


Direct Spend Analytics and Forecasting
Globalization of production and procurement and the proliferation of big data across disparate systems mean it takes too long for manufacturers of finished goods to get a view of direct spend.

OpenLink's Direct Spend Analytics and Forecasting solution provides end-to-end transparency into all points in the value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the sale of finished goods.


Fuel and Energy Procurement
Rising fuel costs, continued volatility, and thinning margins mean major energy consumers face increased complexity in forecasting consumption, negotiating the best contracts and managing price risk.

With all of your fuel and energy positions across the company in a single system, you can look at demand, forwards contracts, and inventory across the enterprise to optimize hedging and negotiate the most favorable supply contracts.


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Margin Management on Finished Goods
Greater competition in markets for finished goods leaves little room to pass on unexpected price increases downstream. OpenLink provides a complete solution for margin management on finished goods, which follows the path of materials right through from origination through to finished goods, to get complete visibility into margin contribution from each process in the value chain.


Treasury and Risk Management
Provides business benefits for commodity intensive corporates by integrating cash management, commodity procurement and forecasts with FX and derivatives trading while reporting on hedge effectiveness and market risk factors affecting a firm’s positions.

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Commodity Business Award 2016

OpenLink wins the Award for Excellence in CTRM Software.