A proliferation of contract types means companies that purchase, store, ship and trade agricultural commodities face increased complexity in managing inventory and forward commitment of agricultural commodities. At the same time, price volatility continues, and there's more risk of supplier default.

"...choosing dbcSMARTsoft was a natural decision for both businesses separately, and then together, due to OpenLink's strong local presence in the grain industry and their excellence in customer service and support."
– Steve Burt, Managing Director, PentAG Nidera

Agribusiness Solutions


Agricultural Commodity Management
OpenLink provides a complete solution for agricultural commodity management, from commodity procurement, inventory management and costing, transportation and logistics to ticketing, storage, contract management and merchandising through to position management, hedging, FX risk, accounting, treasury management, reporting and compliance.


Biofuels Production and Trading
OpenLink provides a complete solution for the biofuel manufacturer, from the farmer to the ethanol distiller or biodiesel plant, and from the plant to fuel distribution networks.


Commodity Processing and Milling Software
From the commodities processor or miller, from the farmer to the plant, and from the plant to product distribution networks, you get a complete solution with OpenLink. 

We capture deals and track movements that impact inventory at each staging point. With real-time visibility over positions and inventory levels across all input commodities and products at all locations, you can optimize inventory management. The solution also automates freight logistics, streamlines processes and tightens payment controls.

"What we liked most was the ease of moving from screen to screen."

– James Patterson, Director of Purchasing and Operations, APEX

Crop Input and Agronomy
OpenLink provides a complete solution for crop inputs and agronomy from contract management, transportation, logistics and inventory management to fertilizer blending, order processing and pre-payments through to price risk and credit risk management, compliance and accounting.


Direct Spend Analytics and Forecasting
Globalization of production and procurement and the proliferation of big data across disparate systems mean it takes too long for manufacturers of finished goods to get a view of direct spend.

OpenLink's Direct Spend Analytics and Forecasting solution provides end-to-end transparency into all points in the value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the sale of finished goods.


Treasury and Risk Management
Provides business benefits for commodity intensive corporates by integrating cash management, commodity procurement and forecasts with FX and derivatives trading while reporting on hedge effectiveness and market risk factors affecting a firm’s positions.

Commodities Trading Systems Leader in Risk Technology Rankings - OpenLink

"When a problem arises, OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group sticks with it until it's resolved."

– Janice Funk, Controller, Ekhart Grain
<p>Transforming Agribusiness Risk</p>

Transforming Agribusiness Risk

A new paper makes the case for leveraging CTRM software to contain and manage market risks.

<p><span>Commodity Business Award 2016</span></p>

Commodity Business Award 2016

OpenLink wins the Award for Excellence in CTRM Software.