Procuring, Processing, Moving and Trading Commodities and Energy with (CTRM) Software

OpenLink provides companies complete solutions for planning, procuring, processing, managing, moving and trading commodities and energy, right along the workflow from trade capture to accounting, risk, reporting and compliance.

Our commodity and treasury enterprise risk management platform helps organizations with exposure to commodities to protect their margins and their profits. It brings together cash management with risk, helping organizations to optimize their hedging activities and manage their FX risk, credit risk, market risk and other exposures.

Key features of OpenLink's CTRM Software:

  • Physical and financial trading in one solution
  • Inventory management optimization
  • Freight logistics
  • Price risk and hedging
  • Supplier default risk
  • Energy contract management
  • Future risk exposure and stress testing
  • Integrated commodity and treasury risk management
  • Global cash forecasting
  • Process automation
  • High performance technology
  • Open and extensible