Market Insight

  • The Benefits of Managing Treasury and Commodity Procurement on a Single Platform

    A new video from Strategic Treasurer highlights how OpenLink’s single platform for commodity procurement, treasury and risk management, currency, investment and debt management can help your entire organization navigate volatile times with greater security and predictability.
  • 10 Years of CTRM Leadership

    A new video from ComTech Advisory features OpenLink’s Chief Client Officer Doug Wendler discussing the results of the 2016 CTRM Vendor Perceptions Study and Report. OpenLink was rated top energy / commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) provider and placed first in six categories.
  • Managing the Diversity in a Power Company’s Trading Portfolio

    Many power companies manage and trade a variety of energy sources, including oil, coal, natural gas, LNG and more, adding greater complexity to hedging and financial reporting. What kind of technology can help these firms better manage market risk and streamline critical operations? Learn more about the challenges and opportunities in this new video.
  • Customer Success

    How do we help our clients optimize their business? Learn more in this video.
  • Customer Success: Chevron

    "OpenLink helped us automate processes and centralize systems across our business. As a result, when opportunities arise in new markets, it becomes much easier for us to take advantage of them."
  • Customer Success: Gazprom

    "We now have enhanced business controls covering the trade lifecycle. This has enhanced our ability to accurately value the traded products in our portfolio."
  • Customer Success: Phillips 66

    The OpenLink RightAngle solution has improved operations at this energy refining company.
  • Customer Success: Engie

    "After merging, we were faced with multiple home-grown and third party systems and needed a single platform that could meet all our business requirements now as well as for the future, including new assets, new commodities and new markets. After a review of our systems, we decided to standardize these operations with OpenLink. We trust OpenLink and we trust their roadmap."
  • Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management in APAC

    Many commodities firms often use multiple solutions to manage their physical and financial operations, and support day-to-day activities. Watch this video to learn how OpenLink helps companies in APAC tackle the challenges in these markets.
  • Commodity Conversations: OpenLink 2015

    Can a CTRM help commodity-intensive corporates add value, reduce risk and gain competitive advantage in volatile markets? Learn more in this video featuring Guy Isherwood, Editor of Commodities Now and Julian Eyre, Commodities and Corporate Treasury Specialist with OpenLink.